Tier one: Be a Sunflower

£10.00 / month

Donor Benefits:

  • Receive a digital sunflower on the website in a digital field of sunflowers.
  • 1 Sunflowers will be planted in Oli’s maze, and a tech Biofuel contribution will be made.
  • A Sunflowers wellness pack with one T-shirt, badges
  • Free entry into X race

What your financial donation supports:

  • 4x Therapeutic Massage Package (@ £20)


  • Provides pain relief and improves well-being for one person for one month.

100 in stock



Sunflowers cost £12000 a month to offer 1200 appointments to vulnerable people in Merseyside living with Cancer or Long-Term diagnosis and their loved ones.

  • £20 would provide a therapeutic massage for someone with pain from a condition.
  • £50 pays for a cancer support group where 40 people can have tea and talk about their life.
  • £100 would pay for 10 sessions for a person in counselling coping with a diagnosis.
  • £200 allows us to open on an evening and Saturday morning to help people who are well enough to return to work but still need that support.
  • £250 would pay for a monthly lunch for 50 people coming together who may be finding anxiety through isolation with the after-effects of the pandemic.
  • £400 pays for a full day of care in Sunflowers for an average of 30 rehabilitation exercise places, 10 massages and 15 sessions of counselling
  • £500 pays for a well-being retreat for groups of 12 over a month to help with managing life after a diagnosis of cancer
  • £1000 would pay for a new massage bed to replace our old ones.
  • £2000 a month allows us to open the doors, heat the building and ensure people come to a safe environment on their journey back to full health.
  • £8k for a complementary therapy room offering 720 appointments throughout the year.
  • £16k per room – annual Counselling costs per room – 1440 appointments over 48 weeks
  • £23k for all exercise