100K Wellness Campaign

Sunflowers Digital Garden 2024

1000 plots with all our bloomin’ lovely supporters

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This community Wellness Campaign has been created to enhance the wellness of the whole community. The key difference to traditional sponsorship is we will pay back your kindness with access to our services and help you develop your wellness, which is good for everyone.

Not only that… volunteers who have donated time and gifts, raised money or provided services in kind are also eligible for a plot to sit alongside those who have raised money will be celebrated here too. Sunflowers is a community project for the community. Let’s fight for its survival together!

Each square (or plot!) on the grid below represents the equivalent of £100 donated to Sunflowers. Our digital field comprises exactly 1000 squares, representing £100,000 we hope to raise this year.


We’ve kick started the campaign and we our on our way… Thanks to Bongo’s Bingo for their generous gift. David Halton for his much appreciated support…

240 hrs

As a community project, Sunflower’s is held together through our volunteer’s time, and we want to recognise the monetary value this has too. So far our volunteers have donated: