Sunflowers delivers over 1200 appointments per month to vulnerable people in Merseyside living with Cancer or Long-Term diagnosis and their loved ones

…however in 2023 we needed £12,000 a month to stay open. And in 2024 will will also support 50 new people the NHS send us each month. We don’t received any grants or funding from the government, NHS or council.

Here’s what your donation provides the people who use our services:

£20 provides a therapeutic massage for someone with pain from a condition.

£50 pays for a cancer support group where 40 people can have tea and talk about their life.

£100 would pay for 10 sessions for a person in counselling coping with a diagnosis.

£200 allows us to open on an evening and Saturday morning to help people who are well enough to return to work but still need that support.

£250 would pay for a monthly lunch for 50 people coming together who may be finding anxiety through isolation with the after affects of the pandemic.

£400 pays for a full day of care in Sunflowers for an average of 30 rehabilitation exercise places, 10 massages and 15 sessions of counselling

£500 pays for a well-being weekend retreat for groups of 12 over a month to help with managing life after a diagnosis of cancer

£1000 would pay for a new massage bed to replace our old ones.

£2000 a month allows us to open the doors, heat the building and ensure people come to a safe environment on their journey back to full health.

£8,000 for a new therapy room offering 720 appointments throughout the year.

£16,000 for a new Counselling room that delivers 1440 appointments a year.

£24,000 to open the Sunflowers centre and provide the same level of weekday support but on a Saturday too.

Getting involved

We welcome and appreciate anything that you can do to help. Therefore, if you feel inspired to start up a fundraising activity then let us know so we can cheer you on and help wherever we can! Send us an email or contact us to let us know what you’re up to.

On the other hand, here are some alternative ways that you can benefit from Sunflowers’ services:

  • Donations – We are set up with Just Giving, please click here if you would like to donate
  • Community Groups – For more information on how you can donate or fundraise as a community, please click here
  • As an individual – For more information on how you can donate or fundraise as an individual, please click here
  • Businesses – For more information on how your business can donate or fundraise, please click here

Thank you to all of our Partners, sponsors and fundraisers – We would like to thank everybody who raises money who helps us keep our services alive. With out your help we would not be able to offer the service that people in Liverpool desperately need.”

Bobby Magee